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Able to Swallow Without Choking

September 9, 2019

Able to Swallow Without Choking

By uclahealth uclahealth

“After the procedure, I just wanted to call my doctor, Priyam V. Tripathi, MD, MPH, and hug her and thank her,” exclaims Guillermo Verjan, who had been living with esophagitis for 10 years. “You have trouble swallowing. It’s scary because you go out to dinner or you’re with people you don’t know and you start […]

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Maybe that upset stomach is just an upset stomach – and maybe it's not

March 27, 2017

Maybe that upset stomach is just an upset stomach – and maybe it’s not

By Tami Dennis Tami Dennis

An upset stomach can’t be ignored – go ahead, try it – but that doesn’t mean you should panic either, as those of us who have spent too much time Googling our various aches and pains are wont to do. “If it lasts for a day or two, it’s usually nothing to worry about,” said Dr. […]

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