First of the office there has been very little wait time and very clean facility. Very organized and very friendly and when you get in the room very attentive and. Their bedside manner was incredible. They seem to really care about the individual. This was in the hospital and all [...]
By DEE • June 15, 2018
I was having kidney and liver problems. I found out I was hyperparathyroid. Medicine I was taking was making me sick - mostly headaches. Too much calcium was making my kidney function go down - from 22% to 16%. I was referred to Dr. Livhits. [...]
By Veri • June 14, 2018
I am very grateful for Dr.Yeh., I had complete confidence for him to perform the surgery I Needed. Very happy to be on the road to recovery 3 weeks after surgery. I would recommend Dr. Yeh to anyone who needs the removal of parathyroid glands. It [...]
By JS3939 • June 14, 2018
My story is that I was diagnosed with Primary Hyperthyroidism by my primary care doctor and the VA. I read up on the disease, and became familiar with it. Meanwhile, My blood calcium levels were increasing, and my vitamin D level was decreasing. I was heading for trouble. I decided [...]
By S • June 13, 2018
I felt some lumps in my throat so I went to Urgent Care. They ran some blood work but said it was nothing. Then 1 year later I mentioned it to my gynecologist who referred me to an endocrinologist. An ultrasound led to a referral to
By Pam • June 12, 2018
My primary care doctor last January said my blood calcium was high and he suspected a parathyroid issue. I was sent to an endocrinologist who ran more tests. CAT scans were inconclusive but I was referred to Dr. Yeh. It took 6 months to get [...]
By Teddy • June 11, 2018
Looking back on my experience with a large thyroid nodule, I wish I had gotten the surgery earlier. For a long period of time, I avoided surgery because I was so scared. The neck is such a delicate area, and I wanted to hold off until surgery was absolutely necessary. [...]
By Kathy • June 8, 2018
Everything went very well this time. This time went really well and I am so happy about the experience. Hopefully my thyroglobulin levels will go down to 0. Everybody was good. Dr. Yeh as good and Jennifer was good.
By Bokie • May 22, 2018
I had kidney stone surgery which went well. Then I had a growth on the back of my head - another operation. I developed an infection and tests were run. My calcium level was high indicating a problem. My parathyroid was enlarged. I met with
By Senior • May 15, 2018
I met Dr. Livhits a few times, and everything was really smooth and her knowledge was great. She was easy to talk to and easy to reach out to. She was so confident. My oncologist highly recommended Dr. Livhits. It was a great experience. I [...]
By GThunter • May 9, 2018