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February 26, 2018

Thank you Dr Raz and staff

By LVMom LVMom

Approximately 6 years ago a local doctor cut into a bladder augmentation that had been done by Dr Raz. This left me on dialysis and in septic shock. I was air lifted to UCLA where Dr Raz saved my life. If not for him I probably wouldn’t be here today typing this. I was at […]

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January 15, 2013

Transvaginal mesh removal MyANGEL- Dr.Rodriguez

By Drb1903 Drb1903

December 22, 2009 … My life was changed forever. I was implanted with mesh for stress urinary incontinence. 3 years of pain all over my body, brain fog and erosion in my vagina led me to researching the Internet daily. I stumbled upon Medical Mesh News desk and my prayers were answered. Dr. Raz from […]

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January 12, 2013

Bladder Sling Removal & Dr. Raz

By NoMoreMesh NoMoreMesh

Three Cheers for Dr. Raz. If prayers were smoke signals that you could see, I have no doubt that on any clear night, the sky would be full of them and many would be for the quiet unassuming man that many women know as Dr. Raz. That is because for many ‘mesh complications’ women he […]

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