Dr. Reza Jarrahy

In April of 2017 I got into a severe, nearly fatal ATV accident in Greece whilst studying abroad. I was studying abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England. [...]
By Bella27 • May 29, 2018
Phrenic nerve damaged in traffic accident made it difficult to breathe, potentially ending his career Collisions are not uncommon for motorcycle officers who spend most of their time on the road. Officer Eric Holtz of the Los Angeles Police Department knows this first-hand. In July 2014, [...]
By Amy Albin • January 19, 2018
I had a bicycle accident in the late 1980s (No helmet) and my head hit the concrete very hard. 12 years after I had a full stroke. I was OK for several years then I almost passed out and my heart went into A-fibrillation. Fast and hard. my breathing mechanism [...]
By stratforddrive454 • June 15, 2017
A terrible car accident left me in rough shape a few years ago. In addition to a head injury, I suffered a broken nose and a deep laceration on the tip of my nose. Dr. Jarrarhy came to the [...]
By ccp • January 25, 2017
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSTFZ_mpJC4   Help for rare, frustrating breathing condition Rare condition prevents diaphragm from getting the message to breathe David Powell could not catch his breath. The 35-year-old from San Diego got winded walking up the stairs, exercising or even just bending over to tie his shoes. His favorite pastime, [...]
By uclahealth • January 20, 2015