Dr. Mina Ma

Dr. Mina Ma has been my primary care Physician for 15 years and to say that I'm grateful would be a huge understatement. From the very beginning, she has been compassionate, an amazing listener, warm and 100% accessible. I've had some medical challenges over [...]
By Karen57 • March 29, 2018
When I was diagnosed I had C. difficile infection after I took amoxicillin, Dr. Mina Ma helped me understand the deadly bacteria inside intestine. She even gave me a written explanation. Fortunately my diarrhea stopped and the second stool test [...]
By yacchan • April 13, 2017
I often report symptoms of various kinds to my longtime internist, Dr. Mina Ma. She has a great ability to determine what should be of concern. Fourteen years ago, she decided I should seek further help for some odd spotting. Because she knew when to be concerned, I went [...]
By diana b • March 25, 2017