Dr. Eve Glazier

Dear Doctors: Neither of my sisters have pets, and all of their kids have allergies. Could the fact that we have dogs, a horse, and a barn cat be the reason that my kids aren’t allergic to anything? [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 28, 2018
Dear Doctors: I’ve been hearing on the news that researchers have discovered that when stress causes a heart attack, it all begins in the brain. How does this work? And is it even possible to control the way our brain responds? Dr. Elizabeth Ko and [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 24, 2018
Dear Doctors: My memory is terrible and to be honest, it always has been. I seem to spend half my time searching for my keys or wondering whether I forgot to turn off the stove and lights. Could memory training help? Dr. Elizabeth Ko and [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 22, 2018
Dear Doctors: Can you give me some ideas on how to lose weight while using a wheelchair? I’m 66 and need a wheelchair to get around or, when the distance is short enough, crutches. I’m on a tight budget but try to work out as much as I can, with [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 20, 2018
Dear Doctors: I have read about the health benefits of dark chocolate for the brain and the heart, but that it must contain about 80% chocolate to be effective. How much sugar or additives (nuts, fruit) can be added before chocolate loses its health benefits?  Dr. [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 16, 2018
Dear Doctors: I’ve always had headaches, from the time I was a teenager. But now I get them more often – about one headache per week. Is this a warning sign of something? Headache is among the [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 14, 2018
Dear Doctors: Do I really need to take a multivitamin? My sisters are convinced that you can’t get all of the nutrients that you need without one, but it seems to me that as long you’re eating right, you’re covered. Dr. Elizabeth Ko and Dr. [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 10, 2018
Dear Doctors: About a year ago, when I turned 44, I started using reading glasses that I purchased at the drug store and they seemed to work just fine. Now I need a stronger pair and I wonder whether using them has weakened my eyes. [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 8, 2018
Dear Doctors: My dad has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia. What is it? Can it be prevented? Dementia is a general term used to categorize symptoms that relate to the decline or loss of cognitive [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 6, 2018
Dear Doctors: I’m trying to lower my blood glucose level but I have a sweet tooth. What raises blood glucose more -- the sugar from fruit, or foods with refined sugar?  Is diet the only way to keep blood glucose steady? Dr. Elizabeth Ko [...]
By Ask the Doctors • August 2, 2018