Dr. Dinesh Chhetri

The Doctors and professional staff at UCLA saved my life. After months of dealing with symptoms which my prior Doctor thought might be ALS, I went to UCLA to have a barium swallow test. The speech pathologist who conducted the test, Lindsay Lanciault, suggested that if I’m not getting the [...]

By Don • February 4, 2020

For 20 years I had a tissue in my throat that would grow and block my air way. Two times I been close to leaving this earth being rushed in emergency. Thank to Dr. Chhetri he was able to [...]

By Vicenta • February 4, 2020
I just had surgery on 1-12-2017 my experience in the hospital was excellent the doctors provide great care Doctor Dinesh Chhetri is staff very professional the nurses staff professional very friendly polite assist to help easy the pain with surgery Christine William other nurses take [...]
By steveg90807 • January 17, 2017