Dr. Christopher Tarnay

“I would really like for people to know that a lot of pelvic floor conditions are treatable and that this is the place where they can receive that care,” urges Dr. Christopher Tarnay,

By uclahealth • November 19, 2019
After my father passed away from lung & brain cancer. He's body was donated to UCLA for research & study. I've been always proud to have worked for President Reagan & to know that one of u/r centers is named after him. My mother [...]
By Oats33 • February 6, 2019
I recently became in dire need of a urologist and surgeon. In my area, none of the physicians would perform the surgery. My daughter placed a call to a friend, a Washington D.C. hospital administtator. Without hesitation, he recommended Dr. Christopher M. Tarnay [...]
By Most grateful patient • April 13, 2018
A revolving team of UCLA surgical experts is providing critical medical care to hundreds of women in Africa who suffer from incontinence brought on by difficult, prolonged [...]
By uclahealth • December 6, 2016
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXAuo9DGyRA   Pelvic-organ prolapse is a fairly common condition that affects some 50 percent of all women in the United States as they age. For Pam McFarlane, the feeling was like "your internal organs are about to fall out onto the sidewalk." The problem occurs when the [...]
By uclahealth • September 21, 2011