Dr. Alice Agzarian

Dr. Alice Agzarian is one of my favorite doctors because of her knowledge and commitment to her patients. She found out about my cancer even before I had symptoms, and because of that I have more chances to live longer. I'll be grateful to her for the rest [...]
By luz1 • March 30, 2017
Dr. Alice has been the PCP for our family for 20 years. Started with my mother then after she passed away, Dr. Alice took care of my father and me until the police changed and my dad had to find another doctor for his care. But I stayed [...]
By haniefeng • March 31, 2016
I am grateful for my amazing team of doctors who keep me moving and grooving after close to 40 years of living with juvenile arthritis. Dr. Alice Agzarian, Dr. John Fitzgerald and Dr. Eugenia Wen your responsiveness, attention to detail, compassion and terrific bedside [...]
By haydees • March 31, 2016