covid-19 vaccine

Widespread vaccination, which gives our bodies a playbook to fight off the virus, is our best hope at stopping this pandemic

By Ask the Doctors • July 28, 2021

Communication and preparation are key, says UCLA Health’s Dr. Melissa Brymer

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An emergency-use authorization doesn’t mean the COVID-19 vaccines have failed to qualify for FDA approval

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‘The best strategies for COVID-19 testing of students and staff in schools to maximize safe, in-person learning remains an open question,’ says Dr. Mitchell Wong

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Why it's good for parents to make sure they're vaccinated

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Infectious-disease expert Dr. Annabelle de St. Maurice explains what the mutation is and how to protect against it

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L.A. County is advising everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks indoors as a precaution

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Ask the Doctors answer more questions about COVID-19 vaccines and the virus variants arising

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Q&A explains what the information will be used for and how it can be accessed

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Cal/OSHA institutes new guidelines for workplace safety as state reopens

By Sandy Cohen • June 17, 2021