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March 30th, 2017

Stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastasis

By paws10 paws10

Dr. Shahryar Ashouri is my oncologist. I absolutely adore him. He’s passionate, caring, personable and an all around good man. In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastasis. Dr. Ashouri never made me feel like I had no chance. He stood by my side then and he’s still standing by […]

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Drs. Anne Lin and Arnold Chin gave me back my life

March 29th, 2017

Drs. Anne Lin and Arnold Chin gave me back my life

By whwriter whwriter

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer and immediately began to research a surgeon at UCLA. I was really lucky to find Dr. Anne Lin, a compassionate and wonderful surgeon, who took me into the preparation of my surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Lin worked together with Dr. Arnold […]

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March 3rd, 2016

HypoGal, My Sheehan’s Syndrome Story

By hypogal hypogal

HypoGal Shares Information about Disability Insurance, Sheehan’s Syndrome and Relapsing Polychondritis (R.P.) HypoGal, My Story My Story; most of my life I have never considered what the words, “chronically ill” or “living with a disability” meant until I began HypoGal. I had related the words,” chronically ill” and “disability” to someone dying or becoming paralyzed. […]

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