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November 2, 2017

My Experience with My Adrenal Gland which I Never Knew I Had

By Shirley Shirley

I never even knew it was there until I had a CAT scan. I’d never heard of it, so when I found out about my diagnosis of a tumor on my adrenal gland I was a bit scared. The doctor recommended that I see Dr. Lihvits, and after meeting with her she explained to me […]

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Loyal to Life Savers

September 11, 2015

Loyal to Life Savers

By uclahealth uclahealth

Elaine Levy found out she had stage 4 polycystic kidney disease after getting a CAT scan of her lungs. She recalls, “They said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, you have bi-­lateral PKD.’ I said, ‘That’s okay, I feel fine,’ not knowing exactly what it was I had. Of course, after I researched it, I realized just […]

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