I had a pheochromocytoma tumor removed from my adrenal gland. The doctors and staff were very knowledgeable and skilled in their particular field and asked me a lot of questions about my particular situation. They also followed up and prepared me really well for the surgery, [...]
By Pon • August 23, 2018
From the very beginning, Dr. Yeh made me feel very comfortable and took the time to walk me through everything, ensuring that I had a firm grasp on my diagnosis as well as the next steps of treatment. I had my daughter and wife with [...]
By Saul • September 20, 2017
Modern medicine demands a constant quest for more efficient and safer ways to deliver care. An endotracheal tube – a device inserted into a patient’s mouth and guided into the windpipe to maintain an open airway and when patients cannot breathe on their own – is typically kept in [...]
By Phil Hampton • April 28, 2016