Tongue Cancer Patient Story

Testimonial: Tongue Cancer Surgery

“We are indebted to Dr. St. John’s unbelievable care for giving such a profound gift of health to my mother and to her family.” —Rachel (daughter) & Lucy (patient)

To Whom it May Concern:

Maie St. John MD, PhD
Maie St. John, MD, PhD

Dr. St. John first saw my mother, Lucy, when Lucy was 89 years old for a diagnosis of tongue cancer.

From the first time she met Lucy, Dr. St. John was kind, focused, professional and absolutely caring. Every step of the way I felt Dr. St. John was giving my mother the care, advice and support she would give her own mother. This was a major operation, removal of a part of the tongue, done by Dr. St. John, with reconstruction following.

Dr. St. John explained all the parts of the complex procedure to us, was encouraging and realistic about the treatment and recovery, and was simply emotionally ‘there’ every step. She was an absolute joy to work with, as well as being utterly professional and competent in her area of expertise. We are incredibly fortunate to have had her. My mother made a successful recovery on schedule, and has gone on to have an incredibly high quality of life for the past two years. That is a lot of living, of seeing her grandson get into college, her first grandchild about to get married, and simply enjoying lots of dinners with us, her family and walks outside. She is able to speak perfectly, eat, exercise and enjoy life and family. A true gift.

Nearly two years later, at 91, my mother continues to live a full, rich life. We are indebted to Dr. St. John’s unbelievable care for giving such a profound gift of health to my mother and to her family.

To all those who are wondering if such a major operation is ‘worth it’ at the age of 89… I would have you look at the quality of life my mother has enjoyed these past two years, the connections she has had with her family, the joy she has experienced and been a part of. This is the most profound gift. Dr. St. John continues to see my mother and be a part of her care, and every time we see her is a pleasure. I believe she loves her work, deeply, deeply cares about her patients, and is absolutely committed to providing the best care that can possibly be offered.

We were so lucky to have been under her care.
—Rachel (daughter) and Lucy (patient)

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