Chen X.

Dr. Chen Xie is an outstanding physician! My mother and I are very pleased with his care.
We were referred to him by my mother's PCP, regarding a concern we had about an autoimmune disease. When we saw Dr. Xie, he was very attentive to my mother's ailments and listened carefully to our worries. He made sure to ask various questions and conduct a thorough physical exam to examine all the aches, symptoms, and discomforts. Then, he ordered additional lab testing and x-rays, to rule out any other possibilities. In the meantime, he prescribed medication that my mom would be able to take for pain management, as she is on a very restricted "medicine diet." At the end of that session, Dr. Xie was confident that my mother's issues were not caused by the major problem we were afraid of. We walked out of his office with a sense of relief and confidence that day!
Upon returning for the follow-up, Dr. Xie went over the results and also addressed any questions that we had, very patiently. Once again, he was very thorough and informative with his explanations. He referred us to Physical Therapy, which we were glad to hear is the best treatment for my mom.
We totally recommend Dr. Xie. He works in a thorough, patient, and strategic manner and will make sure that all your concerns are answered and addressed. If you are referred to him, consider yourself to be in good hands!

By: Karla C.

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