Labor and Delivery F.

I am moved to tears writing this as I have an endless list of nurses to thank. The Labor & Delivery/Postpartum nursing staff at UCLA Westwood is above reproach. The kindness and compassion my family and I received after such a difficult pregnancy was nothing short of phenomenal. Beginning with my FDU nurses Stacy and Fiona, who were constant sources of positive energy spanning weekly check ups. In addition L&D nurses Christine, Tanisha, Emily, Brianna, Regina, Nataleigh and Monica. I could write a novel about how each of these wonderful women impacted my birth experience, they each made me feel a level of care and compassion that was truly unparalleled. I'd also like to mention care partner Erica, she bathed my son in a way that was so kind and loving I'm not sure as his own mother I'll ever be able to beat. In addition, lactation specialists Nicole and Christie were pivotal in making sure I was educated and set up for a successful nursing journey. The L&D nursing staff is the heart and soul of the facility. I am forever indebted to the nursing staff and cannot wait to deliver with them by my side in the future.

By: Reneasha O.

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