Amar K.

To whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and sincerity that I write to thank Dr. Amar Kishan for his dedication to his patients and more personal note, to my father. My father was diagnosed with PC last October at Kaiser. We left Kaiser to find better care. After researching, we found ourselves at UCLA and Providence Medical. After, consulting with 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th opinions, we were awe-struck at the professionalism Dr. Kishan displayed. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable, he has an innate ability to convey information in a patient, caring, and reverent manner.

He took the time to understand my father’s illness, but also how it has impacted him as an individual. He asked my father questions about his personal life to really understand how each risk would affect him as an individual. He guided us through his choices, he discussed, he educated us, and answered every question in detail. We wanted to make a fully educated choice and Dr. Kishan never once made us feel incapable of understanding what we were facing. He made sure my father walked out of the appointment well informed and feeling like he would get Dr. Kishan’s full attention. Dr. Kishan accommodated our needs by allowing my sister and I to be able to attend a meeting virtually so that we may support our father. Dr. Kishan even made a phone call the very next day addressing some questions that we still had. He called my sister first thing in the morning before starting his busy day at work. I have never known a provider to be so thorough and compassionate.

I would also like to thank his staff, particularly Danielle Max, PA whose demeanor is just positive, kind, and understanding. She did not hesitate to offer further assistance should we need it. Everyone in Dr. Kishan’s office from the front desk to himself has been exceptional. It it truly a pleasant experience to know that my phone calls are not going to add to our stress level. I am convinced this in no accident. Great leadership leads to great things. Dr. Kishan has truly gone above and beyond in his role as a physician. I believe he performs his duties as a radiation oncologist with genuine joy, curiosity, and passion. We are still waiting to see if we might need to be treated by Dr. Kishan, pending post-surgery results, meanwhile knowing we are in great hands should we need it, is a relief. I have already recommended Dr. Kishan to 3 different people on a support group who are on the list to see him. I just hope I am not booking him up because we might need him!


Estela Martinez
Daughter of Juan Martinez Hernandez (patient)


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