Dania, Tiffany; the anesthesiologist, the resident Dr and others T.

I would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses and staff that attended to me during my out patient total thyroidectomy experience with Dr. Avital Harari. I regret not making note of everyone’s names so that I could acknowledge each person individually as they were each outstanding in kindness and empathy. I will mention my night nurse who measured the circumference of my neck every hour who never waned in her humor for the situation of my sleepless night, not to mention I was denied water for 14 hours, so I was entering a pretty desperate state of nerves by morning when the doctor said the hematoma seemed to be reabsorbing successfully so that reopening the dissection wouldn’t be necessary. I mention this because even in this anxious circumstance, because everyone was so kind, it was simply realistic to stay calm about my discomfort. When I was being discharged I asked the “care coordinator” if she could explain why everyone seemed to have positive attitudes about their jobs. She said that upper management extended the respect of confidence in people doing their best and thus the hospital culture was one of trust and not judgement. This seemed to have an effect on the patient population, if I can speak generally based upon myself. I have never had a hospital experience like this and I wish all the staff continued professional satisfaction. That above all insures the excellent quality of care that a patient receives. Thank you all.

By: Prudence W.

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