Kirsten A.

Kirsten Anthony is a Physical Therapist. She was super attentive to my needs during my recovery from a painful surgery. When I started therapy, I needed to learn to walk correctly using a cane. I also needed to stretch and strengthen my body without causing pain. Kirsten used many modalities, and did nothing that would hurt me. She closely monitored my progress from week to week and stepped up my exercises accordingly.

Kirsten was patient and watched me like an eagle as I learned new exercises. She gave me corrections as needed which helped a lot. Her encouragement and support helped me progress to now being able to walk more than two miles without pain. I'm very grateful to Kirsten and to UCLA for hiring such a highly qualified therapist. She is an excellent care-giver as well as an expert representative of UCLA's high ranking in medical care. And she also happens to be a very nice person.

By: Joan T.

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