Anna E. J.

Dear Dr. Jackanich,

You treated me on January 25th in the ER for symptoms related to my IUD. I wanted to reach out and thank you again so very much for the care that you took with me. Not only did you speak to me with such empathy and care, but you put my needs well above any other consideration. It could have been another horrible experience for me, but because of your care, I left the ER healed, happy and healthy.

Looking back, I know that it would have been physically possible for you to retrieve my IUD if I had allowed you to try. But you gave me a choice that saved me so much trauma and physical pain, I attribute the happiness I feel today exclusively to your decision making skills. Your ability to factor in my past experiences and mental state along with the value that you placed on my well being, truly gave me the highest quality medical care that I have ever received.

You may not have been the doctor that grabbed the IUD but you certainly are the reason I was able to allow a pelvic exam and relax enough to have it removed. If you had not been my doctor that day, I would not have had been able to have it removed.

When I came into the ER I was afraid, in pain and traumatized but you were my advocate. I felt like that I was in safe hands. Eventually, I did feel comfortable enough to allow the ob that you called to give me a quick pelvic exam and my IUD was right there and she easily grabbed it. I had no pain, no fear, and no anxiety. And that is exclusively because of how you handled my case.

I can’t thank you enough for the care you gave me. You saved me so much unnecessary trauma, pain and anxiety. Because of you, I had the IUD removed, have no long term side effects and did not have to be put under any medication for pain or anxiety. You treated my anxiety and as a result I experience no pain and have no scarring. I am so grateful that you treated me.

I just wanted to express my gratitude. I am sure you get positive feedback all the time but add mine to the pile.

By: Yass S.

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