Hayley J.

In October, we brought our six year old son to a neurology appointment at UCLA after he began having seizures out of the blue that quickly intensified. What began as an overnight study became a three and a half week hospitalization as the team came together to try and help him. Because our son wasn't responding to medications, there was a need to do more and more tests, scans, blood draws, procedures, and medications. We felt like our world had tipped upside down, and it was heartbreaking to watch the toll this new reality had on our son. During these increasingly difficult days, Hayley Jang came to our son's room for music therapy. It seemed like he had been shutting down in a variety of ways, but when Hayley sang and played her instruments, you could see the light come back on for him. She reached out through music that he knew and enabled him to participate. She connected with him over things he was interested in, and she listened to him despite his struggles with the many medications he was on. She was willing to be a friend when his world consisted of nothing more than a hospital room.

A couple days when Hayley came, I knew the music she was sharing was the only bright spot of my boy's day---and that meant everything to me as a mother. Recently, months later, our son needed to return to the hospital for an overnight study. While the progress he has made has been remarkable, there was still some anxiety with returning to the hospital and being away from home and family again. Imagine our son's joy when Hayley came to his hospital room once more for music therapy and she remembered him! She remembered their inside jokes (fa-la-la-la) and had kept the picture he had drawn for her during his last hospital stay. Once more her friendship and music saved the day. What a beautiful person to make such an impact on someone's life. Our family is so grateful for the sunshine Hayley shared with us during our dark time. Everyone needs an employee, and a friend, like Hayley Jang!

By: Rachel Z.

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