Breanne R.

Prior to coming to UCLA OBGYN in Santa Monica, I had gone to two other high profile docs. I was looking for answers regarding the unending symptoms I was having. The first two docs, while skilled I am sure, could not give me the time of day to discuss my symptoms, potential treatment options and why I might be experiencing the level of discomfort. I received pills and was told I would have to most likely just deal with the issues.

I had been a part of the UCLA system for many years, but never thought to engage with the OBGYN until now. I was assigned Dr. Romeroso and knew very little about what I was going to get. I always liked the UCLA docs, so I was hopeful.

From beginning to end, the team were pros. Even when the doctor was running a bit behind (which I anticipate in most situations), both the nurse and the Dr. Romeroso made it a point to apologize and not take my time for granted. Dr. Romeroso was outstanding. She was informative, took the time to fully explain and discuss treatment options. She was personable, clearly educated and did not dismiss my symptoms and just hand me a pill. She was the first doctor in over a year who finally made me feel as though there is a path towards healing once and for all. I feel like she was an angel and I was in amazing hands.

I cannot say enough about the joy I felt working with that office and Dr. Romeroso. Just by performing the most basic tasks, client care, she has won me over and maintained the ongoing commitment I know UCLA has to patient satisfaction. I am eternally grateful.

By: Sheila S.

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