Katrina N.

Every single staff member who helped take care of us during our time in L&D was fantastic. However, Katrina was a standout among standouts. I had a very difficult labor that did not progress as I had hoped it would, and Katrina was the perfect person to take care of me on the day I delivered (when I was just about at the end of my rope). She took the initiative to alert anesthesia that I might want an epidural without putting pressure on me either way, which helped get me the epidural almost immediately after I did decide I wanted one. She continually worked as a team with my doula to help make me comfortable and get me into positions my doula thought would be helpful. And finally, she provided the kindest and most helpful encouragement while I was pushing. When I genuinely thought I wouldn’t be able to give another ounce of effort, her voice was there cheering me on. UCLA is very lucky to have a nurse like Katrina on their team.

By: Miranda L.

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