Melissa C.

I have been her patient since 2018 when I needed to start chemo after my breast cancer surgery. First you should know that she is very smart and knowledgeable. And she listens, really listens. I never felt rushed during our appointments, and always left feeling uplifted after our visits. She is also very compassionate, very responsive, and extremely reassuring on the days I would sit in her office and cry because it felt like the chemo would never end....

She even emailed me one Sunday morning in July of 2018 with the results of my kidney scan just so I didn't have to wait another day to find out the results.

She also helped me with navigating the radiation treatments that followed chemo, even though they were done outside of UCLA in Thousand Oaks. When I had a doctor on my team that I was uncomfortable with, she helped me find a different one even though it wasn't a cancer-related issue. (She also helped us find a good surgeon for my husband in 2019).

During those early years at UCLA I had 18 doctors following my multiple, unrelated cancer issues (three different kinds). Even with my 2-inch thick medical file, some of the doctors would forget who I was in between visits that were a few months apart and it was like groundhog day going over my case from the beginning and updating my progress (I became a professional patient!). I know the doctors have many many patients, so I understood why they might forget who I was or what my medical and/or medication situation was and I had to remind them. Dr. Melissa never, ever forgot who I was.

Fast forward to 2021, I postponed two visits last year and this year, and I have not seen her for over 13 months because I was so scared, [and too fat and old] to venture out during COVID to a medical office. She was always kind about my fears and understood my postponement requests and she also helped me avoid crowded Jury Duty in the middle of all of this craziness. When I saw her today, she remembered me and we chatted during our visit like no time had passed at all. The office was clean, as always, and I felt like everyone was being very careful about the COVID threat.

I have had the opportunity to move away from the area, but with excellent medical care from Dr. Cohen and most of my UCLA team, I choose to stay right where I am, I would adopt her into my family, if only I could.

Dr. Cohen, you are truly amazing, wonderful, and I thank you for taking such good care of me on every level. I do wish I could have you as my primary forever!

By: Margaret B.

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