Ashley B.

Undoubtedly we live in the most critical time in our lives. Covid19 has upended everything and all things. I am 79 and and my wife is 76. Needless to say we are in the high risk group. Recently both my wife and myself had our yearly physical examination and we jointly share a common PCP and she is Dr. Ashley Bateman.

Dr. Bateman answered our many questions and provided us a great deal of assurance about what we needed to do to be safe. I should mention we have been patients of Dr. Bateman for over seven years.

For several weeks now I have been trying to get a vaccination appointment and like from heaven UCLA first contacted my wife about two weeks ago and she has had her first shot. Just yesterday I got mine. It was a seamless process and involved a minimum of time. UCLA Healthcare has untied the Gordian knot of vaccinations. Thank you.

But that takes me back to Dr. Bateman who knows our medical history and always looks out for our best interests. In fact it is family medicine juts like in the old days. Thank you Dr. Bateman and Thank You, UCLA -- a very big organization but caring about every patient as exemplified by the care we receive from Dr. Bateman..

Pete and Kathy J.
Newbury Park

By: Peter J.

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