Juan, Care Coordinator

I am writing for two reasons: 1) to express my gratitude for Juan, the Care Coordinator who so ably helped me this past December, and 2) to say that the Care Coordinator position/program was extremely beneficial to my dad's healthcare.

My dad was hospitalized on 12/7 because of a stroke, and when he came home, there was a long list of follow-up appointments I was supposed to make: Cardiology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Urology, and Vascular Surgery.

December is one of the busiest months at the university since it's the end of a semester, so in between all of my duties, I was trying to schedule appointments. I spent what added up to a good hour a day calling, leaving messages, returning messages, missing folks, etc. When Juan first contacted me, I was feeling discouraged and figured he was nice but would not be able to help.

It was like night and day. Within a couple days, offices were reaching out to me, and I was able to schedule all of the appointments with little fuss. I don't know what Juan did, but he got results!

At one point, Juan's co-worker, also a Care Coordinator whose name I do not remember, reached out to follow up. By then, I had made all of the necessary appointments, but how wonderful if I had needed the additional assistance. I feel that I'm on top of my dad's care (mostly), and still a Care Coordinator was valuable in helping me to get my dad the medical appointments he needed. I'm sure the Care Coordinator position is life-saving for patients who may not have the language skills, navigational skills (or a daughter!) to make the appointments, especially during these times when most things are virtual.

By: Mira

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