Dawn G.

Any emergent situation is difficult and nerve wracking. Every single day at UCLA Santa Monica provides itself with new and interesting challenges, but none compare to the ominous words "Code Blue." While 5NW has had its share of emergency situations, "code blue" is always the king of emergencies. It's during events such as "code blue" where everyone is put to the test and to their limits. While "code blue" may test one's skills, the biggest test of all during a "code blue" is the test of teamwork. 5NW has the best teamwork in the whole hospital system, however Dawn is the ultimate team player. During a recent code blue emergency, everyone on 5NW rushed to help, but Dawn went above and beyond. Not only did Dawn assist with the code itself, she helped pass medications, hung IV fluids, and placed a recent patient admission on cardiac monitoring without being asked to do so. While I was dealing with the code blue situation, she continued the standard of care on 5NW, and prevented any delays in treatment/monitoring for other patients. Her acts that day made a difference for so many, including myself. When approached about doing all of these wonderful acts, she turned to me and said "that's what we do here." Dawn exemplifies everything that nurses should strive to be. UCLA health and especially 5NW are lucky to have such a nurse who embodies the mission and vision of UCLA so well. Thank you Dawn, you made a difference that day.

By: Matthew R.

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