Dr. Schiller and Karolina Faysman Saved My Husband's Life!

My husband was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in Jan of 2019. He began treatment at Boyer Clinic with Dr. Schiller and Karolina Faysman in March of 2019. They saved his life! Thanks to their kindness, expertise, and compassion, he is now 16 months post transplant and doing well! We will forever be in their debt. These two angels worked miracles for him!

Dr. Schiller and Karolina Faysman saved my fathers life and continue to look after him diligently. I owe Dr. Schiller a lot. He’s amazing at what he does. BUT, Karolina is a sweet heart. She’s helpful, she’s smart, she’s kind. She’s got beauty and brains! She makes me feel like my dad is her only patient. We’ve grown to love Karolina. I hope God blesses her with the best because she saves lives every single day and stands on the front lines for all of us. My father was diagnosed with AML back in 2014. It was the worst day of my life. When he started seeing Dr. Schiller and Karolina we felt at ease. My father ends up losing his health insurance but in order to not lose Schiller and Karolina we started paying insurance out of our own pockets. It’s worth every penny because these two make a great team. We love you Karolina!!!

-The Linares’s

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