A “Thank You” to all Healthcare Workers

If you could please forward the below message on to whatever department is best (possibly HR?) I would love for them to forward my message, below, to EVERYONE in the hospital as you ALL have gone through so much this year! Thank you!

(Please forward the message, below, to all)

Hi! My name is Katie Kostner and I am a Junior in high school. I know that healthcare professionals have been working around the clock due to the pandemic leaving them very little, if any, time for themselves or for the holidays. Though Christmas is over, I wanted to share a video I made recently for our HEROES—those working in the hospitals to care for us!
In the YouTube link in this message, I share my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for ALL healthcare heroes! Nurses, Doctors—all of the teams who are working tirelessly during 2020 to care for so many. I also share two holiday songs I’ve been working on as a small “thank you” for all you have done and to let you know I, and so many others, are thinking of you during the holidays.

I hope you enjoy this short video I recorded! And, please—forward it on to everyone you know so everyone gets thanked! I would love for this video to reach as many people as possible this holiday season!

Please stay safe—
Katie Kostner

By: Katie K.

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