Dorcas C.

Dr. Dorcas Chi has truly been a life-saver and exceptional mental cheerleader & guardian angel to me in the yearlong battle with an aggressive & extremely complex form of breast cancer. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form (Her2+)/more complex form of breast cancer back in Nov 2019. Although my 2019 health insurance didn't cover for the care, Dr. Chi's exceptional care team made it a priority to schedule the appointment first thing in 2020 and her team has been flexible and accommodating with my insurance situation considering the medical urgency! During the initial appointment (and many subsequent appointments after that), Dr. Chi has always demonstrated compassionate care, patience, professionalism, and her top-notched clinical knowledge in the field! Due to the complex situation of my case, I unfortunately didn't have much choice in the treatment plan..and Dr. Chi proactively scheduled my tube insertion procedure and efficiently scheduled the first treatment visit already! She understood the family concerns and was explaining the patient/family expectations very clearly and compassionately during the first visit. She even helped look for the wig information for me! She was able to facilitate the different types of treatments in a very effective and efficient manner. She chose the optimal treatment plan to target the aggressive form of my cancer immediately as we were battling with TIME..Despite the 10-month LONG combo treatment (chemo+ targeted therapy+ surgery+ radiation) journey and fatigue/exhaustion, I am definitely working towards recovery now & it wouldn't have been possible without Dr. Chi's gracious and professional care and her top-notched knowledge/experience in treating such a complex and aggressive state of cancer! Dr. Chi - THANK YOU for your compassionate care, patience, support, & professionalism in saving my life!! We can't believe a year has passed! Have a safe, healthy, & restful holiday season with your family!

By: Fion Y.

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