Ida A.

As Nichole and I write this note, our hearts are heavy and yet grateful at the same time. Our loved one, Vincent Lawrence, passed away on September 23, 2020. Although he was very sick, we were hopeful until his final days, which brings us to why we are sending you this message. 48 hours prior to Vincent’s demise, your involvement was essential and requested by the two of us. Due to COVID 19, hospital policy only allowed one person to visit per day even though Vincent was approaching his final days. Unfortunately, we had to endure a situation with a lead staff member whom displayed extreme insensitivity and carelessness of our family, loved one and his journey in passing over which was beyond inconsiderate and mind baffling. You were instrumental in assisting us with being able to be together with Vincent. Upon entering Vincent’s hospital room, you immediately acknowledged him in his current state of health and you treated us with the utmost kindness and thoughtfulness. You sat down with us and listened attentively. The first question that you had asked us both was, “How are you?” Your awareness of the atmosphere and our state of being, immediately de-escalated the situation and allowed us to have an open and honest conversation of our concerns and final request. You were able to turn a bad situation into a great experience. So much so, that you contacted the CEO after hours on our behalf to enable us to be with Vincent during his final moments. You even gave us sustenance to help keep us going. Ida, you are a wonderful human being and Director. The perfect person for the position you hold. Your professionalism, care, concern and excellent bedside manor will never be forgotten. Thanks to you, we were together with Vincent until he took his last breath. God bless you and keep you in his care. We will never ever forget your wonderful way of handling the entire situation. We thank God for you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much. We will never forget you.

By: Valerie L.

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