Mitra N.

After a negative meeting with another Ophthalmologist, Dr. Nejad was recommended. After meeting and discussing my eye condition, Dr. Nejad gave me the feeling of confidence in Dr. Nejed. Since my eye condition involved Cataracts and Glaucoma, I knew this was a surgery needing special skills. Not only did Dr. Nejad explain the procedure completely, but her confident approach to the procedure put me more at ease. Before and during procedure, Dr. Nejad made me feel like I was a student in her classroom. With every action she was taking, she was explaining what she was doing, what to expect and what I would feel. Fear of the unknown is a terrible thing. As she and the staff worked together, it was amazing, each so competent and professional. Several weeks later, I was able to have my other eye procedure with complete confidence that I had chosen Dr. Nejad. Praise God, I can now see with 20/20 vision. Also, the pre-op and post-op staff were outstanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Nejad, and UCLA Opthalmology very highly.

By: Delia V.

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