Indy C.

There’s so much we want to say about you but it would take weeks to say it all. Let me start by saying, Vincent was so blessed to have you to care for him and to be there until he passed. Your relationship with Vince began over a year ago, which was not forgotten. The first day you were assigned to care for Vince, he reminded you of his previous hospital visit in which he was attempting to leave the hospital prematurely. With your candor, you discussed with him that if he were to leave, he was taking a huge risk that could cost him his life. You have an amazing gift and we hope that you continue to bless others with it. It was so amazing how you cared for him and gingerly handled us from the beginning and all the way until his final hours. God orchestrated everything with you in His plan. We are left without regret because of your wisdom and ability to properly communicate to the family that the moment of passing should be in the presence of loved ones. God Bless You!! You are without a doubt a HERO. We could never forget you even if we tried. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU FOR EVERY LITTLE and BIG thing you did. BE BLESSED 

By: Valerie L.

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