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First- before I go into details about Dr. Eshagh (all good ones, but still!) I need to first explain how great my 2020 year is looking thanks to many UCLA people! On a separate tab I wrote this to UCLA Health:
" My husband and I needed a new GP and through our dentist's wife Lori Luszczak we found our way to the fantastic network of UCLA Health. GO BRUINS!!!"
I have had to deal with some skin irritation and irregularities on different parts of my body for over 3 years. The initial problem I had were my fingernails and Toe nails. I have been told by (I guess now I can assume these people were quacks or misguided people.) Podiatrists & Dermatologists that I had fungus on my toenails and psoraisis on my fingernails. I had skin irritations on my scalp that was identified as psoraisis or maybe even some eczema. For my Toenails, I was given Julia that was told should fix my toenail problem after maybe a year, or longer, My fingernails I was given an oral med that I was supposed to take 1 time a week. Well, after a trip to Arizona during he hottest summer that there ever could be, I must have triggered something. My feet swelled up like balloons, my toes couldn't even spread apart. So, my husband and I started my journey with UCLA Health. We went to the UCLA Porter Ranch Facility. The staff and Dr. Jyostra Sharma were so patient and compassionate! Besides the regular check up questions and relaying our previous medical histories to Dr. Sharma, we were able to give her the low down on my feet. She gave me some meds that seem to help. But one medicine that I was talking for my nails seemed to trigger an allergic reaction. It could be several medications interacting with each other. Whatever the case Dr Sharma and I decided to stop taking it. Over the Labor Day weekend it seemed my feet were getting worse, so I went to the Santa Clarita center where Dr. Annie Lai saw my feet... I was referred to a Podiatrist, Dr. Riley. He also looked pretty surprised at my lovely feet (not in a good way either LOL!) in the meantime, we had a follow up with Dr
Sharma. She referred me to a dermatologist, my heroine!!! Dr. Karin Eshagh.
After a few minutes of examining me she asked if she could see my feet. They were so awful looking, I hesitated A LOT. But Dr. Eshagh insisted and soon after determined that I had 1 of at least 3 things, but she didn't want to assume; so she took a biopsy (actually a couple) and prescribed something for my body and my feet. After the first application of the ointment and cream on my feet and my body, I saw improvement! I was able to move my toes. There was no pain. The rash on my back that looked like shingles went down dramatically. She told me until she got the results of the Biopsy back she didn't want to tell me I had what she thought, But I asked her what it was she thought it might be. She said it could be PRP and acronym for a VERY difficult to pronounce skin condition (I found this https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/fullarticle/2723286 ) and almost fell off my chair!! The descriptions as well as the pictures showed everything I was experiencing! Dr. Eshagh nailed it!! Now, only almost 3 weeks later, I'm walking without pain, my bumps and redness all over my body has faded almost to the point of being gone. I feel like a new person! I honestly was giving up hope! This crew are keepers. But, Dr. Eshagh definitely ROCKS! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

By: Sarah W.

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