David U.

During the recover period of my wife the whole nursing team was outstanding. One of our nurses David in particular. While I sat next to my wife essentially frozen, his care and mannerisms gave me a strong foundation of strength and belief in the care she was to receive. Especially when things started to go south. He remained focused while attending to the rooms next to us. Whenever there was a need for reaction he tirelessly responded for hours. To be able to treat my wife continually for long stretches while being able to attend the nearby rooms. Was truly spectacular. There was a moment where my wife needed to go back into the OR, at which point I was near breakdown after seeing everything. As she was being strolled off, David checked in with me, making sure I was going to be okay. I told him I was but I really wasn’t. But there was some relief in him asking and reassuring me. Once everything calmed down and my wife was being sent to a different floor for recovery. David came over to my wife to say his goodbye and send us off. I wanted to thank/hug him for his work. However it was a short farewell and he continued his care for the other patients. I truly wanted to thank him and wasn’t able to the extent he deserves.

By: Steve H.

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