Anthony A.

There are not enough words to thank Dr. Anthony Aldave for the incredible care that he has provided my mother Valerie. Dr. Aldave is an amazing Cornea Specialist and expert Surgeon who has used his gift to help my mother see again. After performing a very successful cornea transplant back in May, she now has a better quality of life and is able to do many things that were a struggle when her vision was in a blur.

My mother has very complicated eye issues and unfortunately lost the vision in her right eye a few years ago due to a failed cornea transplant. When her left eye issues began to progress, I knew that I had to find a highly skilled Cornea Specialist who was also equally passionate about preventing blindness. I didn't want to risk taking her back to the same doctor as before because we had too much to lose. After hours and hours of research online, I found Dr. Aldave and even watched his presentation on artificial corneas on YouTube.

The next morning I called his office to get an appointment and he was understandably booked solid for months. My mother’s eye was in trouble so we had to see someone else to get her back stable, however I was relentless in my pursuit and after multiple calls and prayers, I received a call that Dr. Aldave had an opening and could see her. That call literally changed our lives and after careful evaluation from Dr. Aldave and his team of wonderful fellows, my mother is now enjoying life and seeing better than she has seen in years.

What I especially appreciate about Dr. Aldave is his compassion, attentiveness and tailored approach to each patient’s needs. I accompany my mother to all of her appointments and Dr. Aldave is always kind and answers any questions and concerns in a way that I can understand.

Dr. Aldave’s top of the line care has made such a huge impact on me that I have now established my mother’s entire specialty care team and primary care with UCLA physicians. I figured if Dr. Aldave, was at UCLA, then it was the best place to be with the best doctors and I only want the best for my mother. Seeing her happy and not confined to her bedroom has made such a positive difference in our lives and we are very grateful that Dr. Aldave made this happen. Thank you again Dr. Aldave for all you have done for us and others and for what you will continue to do for many. The ability to see is a beautiful gift and we appreciate you for not only helping my mother, but also traveling and teaching others in an effort to stop preventable blindness.

By: Erica T.

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