Annmarie W.

My sister, Rachel, is a patient at UCLA Pain Center under the care of Dr. Ferrante, and I schedule her procedures and office visits. Annmarie Williams is one of the most efficient people I have ever dealt with in any business or personal situation. Before I retired, I had my own business for 35 years, so I can truly appreciate and marvel at her efficiency, her cheerful attitude, her competency, and her ability to make everything easy for the patient. I know she must deal with many moving parts in scheduling procedures and surgeries, especially under the constraints imposed by Covid-19, but everything is accomplished seamlessly and compassionately. We are thankful and grateful that Annmarie Williams is on the staff at UCLA Pain Center, as she is so conscientious about the care of the patients. Please ask Human Resources to note this in her employee file.

By: Mary H.

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