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Regarding my recent surgery,

As a 74 year old male, I’m perhaps not the easiest patient to deal with. After some procrastination on my part, I was treated for severely degenerated disc disease on August 28th at UCLA Orthopedic Hospital in Santa Monica. It’s difficult to find the words to express how deeply appreciative I am to all the amazing people who were involved. I experienced the highest level of professionalism, skill and empathy at every step of the experience.

As I write this letter, I’m currently five days out of surgery. I just took a one mile walk, I’m feeling strong and relieved of most of the symptoms. I’m comforted knowing that the impinged nerves are no longer subject to the damage and the pain of severe stenosis.
The surgeon treating me was Dr. Daniel C. Lu, MD, PhD. His frankness and dedication garnered my confidence. Following Dr. Lu’s methodical orders and evaluation, I was “ready” when he offered to treat me.

A big believer in congruity, I have to believe that the surgery went perfectly. I believe this because every part of the process, during my consciousness, was far above my high expectations. In the operating room, Dr. Lu was a man of dynamic energy and “in the zone”. His co-neurosurgeon, Dr. Gelfand, who had patiently answered my questions earlier, was likewise energetic, sharp and in his “A game”. Operating room nurse Ann, was perfect; kind and not letting anything slip by. I went under anesthesia completely confident in this team.

I apologize that I don’t remember everyone’s name that was involved. The anesthesiologist did a fine job; I was unaware of anything during the operation. There were two kind and attentive intake nurses, I believe Lisa was one. A very nice IV nurse Cirha set IV up as gently as possible. Let me not forget, Naomi, Dr. Lu’s “Care Coordinator”. She was always available, understanding and kindly responsive. On the telephone, she mirrored the overall true sense of caring.

I feel fortunate to unconditionally, and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Lu and the UCLA Orthopedic Hospital.

I’m humbled by the work and dedication that must have proceeded for such an institution and such wonderful professionals to be available.


Mark M.

By: Mark M.

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