Teresa S.

Dr. Soriano, is a stellar Dermatologic Surgeon. She removed a squamous cell carcinoma, located on my face, between my eyebrows. The size of the wound was very traumatic for me. It was roughly the circumference of a dime. The carcinoma was deep and required Dr. Soriano to repeat the procedure twice until all of the margins were clear. In my opinion, she is a skilled surgeon and she made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Soriano was very reassuring, during the entire surgery. She even called me the evening after my surgery to ensure I did not have any post-surgery complications. It has been almost three months since my surgery and each day the area of the surgery gets better and it is now almost unnoticeable. I feel very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Soriano.

By: Cynthia L. B.

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