Anthony A.

Dr Aldave is truly one of a kind. His CV and list of publications, as well as his training of dozens of interns and associates to take superior knowledge back to their practices and home countries, is stellar. Sometimes physicians with this sort of expertise and experience have a personality better suited to work in research or with staff rather than with patients. But Dr. Aldave is also uniquely gifted to make connections with patients on a human level, so one feels not only heard but also listened to concerning eye symptoms. I have been seeing him regularly for several years for checkups and maintenance and recently a procedure he performed was swift and seemingly almost effortless, with no complications. He supplies feedback and has his information always at the ready; also offers followup if needed, and corrects any misinformation you may harbor. All the things you would expect and need from a well trained, "good doctor." It goes without saying that patients being treated for eye conditions need to feel at ease with and trust the doctor "touching their eyeballs" and he is definitely the all around correct person for this job. He just gives you his all. UCLA does well to count him among its physicians.

By: N P.

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