Sarah L.

Sarah was with me when my ultrasound revealed a mass that the doctor on staff thought was very likely cancer. She recognized that I was distressed and walked me to the door. I asked her which facility on the west side would be a good option for my biopsy and she recommended Manhattan Beach, which she also worked at. They got me in immediately and to my surprise, she was there to greet me when I arrived. She went above and beyond to make me feel safe and cared for, chit chatting with me in prep and holding my hand during the biopsy. I'm literally crying writing this, because she was so kind and calming for me. I found out today it is not cancer and couldn't wait to write this. Thank you Sarah. You're a beautiful special woman who made this very hard experience bearable for me in a time where we all need more kindness.

By: Valerie C.

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