Aarti M.

Support with a variety of issues going back some time:
• For seeing me through my complicated staph infection in March 2019
• For identifying possible anemia and referring me for further testing
• For referring me to a cardiologist who (finally) talked me into a medium does of statins, which have not been problematic at all
• For the wonderful referral to Dr. Putnam, leading to deviated septum surgery, which has changed my breathing at night, causing me to sleep very soundly. Additionally, I want to report that, knock on wood, I have not had any types of bronchial/ sinus issues. That may be due to the isolation the last 5 months and the lack of exposure to outside germs, but I also think it has to do with the sinus surgery and daily rinses I have been doing under her supervision.

By: Brian J.

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