Avital H.

Dear Dr.Harari,
On Thursday July 9th you operated on my husband Phil S. for thyroid cancer. I want to thank you for all you have done, as Phil just let me know this morning, Saturday July 11, that the surgery had already taken place, I was expecting next week! Phil let me know that it all went well! I understand the opportunity to have it several days ago was sudden from what he said, and he chose not to let anyone know, family or his office staff. Phil and I have been living apart the last several weeks as he has wanted to be close to his Culver City office associated with Sony Studios and to be near UCLA for surgery, and not deal with me and my concern at this time. While this has been difficult for me not having him here at our home and to help him pre and post surgery, he is doing what makes him comfortable for now.
I come from a UCLA family, my brother doing all 7 years there including Law School, and I attended grad school in Costume Design (I am a Costume Designer for TV) so I am familiar with the greatness of this wonderful institution and especially the hospital and medical staff.
Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I write thank you notes to people all the time for everything, I am certainly writing to the doctor who helps to save my husband's life! 😊 I look forward to meeting you if Phil has any post-op visits and if he invites me to come along, in light of Covid restrictions.
Marti S.

By: Marti S.

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