Erica O.

I have been extremely satisfied with my care from Dr. Oberman.  She is extremely knowledgeable about fibroids and always takes my concerns about how my symptoms affect not only my health but my quality of life seriously.  For example, she takes the time to discuss what's important to me when planning the course of action for my care, whether it's mitigating my symptoms, preserving my fertility, or planning my surgeries around my work or vacation schedules.

I was terrified before my sonohysterography but Dr. Oberman and Dr. Valentina Rodriguez were extremely kind and patient and made the procedure very tolerable.

I remember that after my first surgery with her on a Friday in 2018 she called me that weekend and when I didn't pick up, she called again because she wanted to make sure to hear my voice because she knew that I was recovering alone all weekend.  

Before my most recent surgery in February 2020, I appreciated her balance of tempering my expectations as well providing hopefulness and optimism.  After my surgery I messaged her with some questions and she called the same day and when I missed the call, she immediately followed up with an email.   

Surgery is never fun, but it can definitely be less scary when you know that you're in such competent hands.

By: Shirley Y.

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