Patient Perspective on Polyps

“My brother’s wife died from colon cancer, and her experience was the opposite of mine,” remarks Walter Fraser, a patient who recently had a colonoscopy at UCLA Health Burbank Primary & Specialty Care. “She never got a colonoscopy until one day she woke up and was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. I started getting colonoscopies 20 years ago, and they were uneventful for 15 years. Then, they began seeing polyps. I had several large polyps, which they removed, and one that was lying flat, which was likely to develop into a cancerous polyp. They removed it, and everything was fine from my patient perspective. I wouldn’t even have known I had a procedure except for the fact that on paper, I knew I had. I’m always very happy with the treatment I get here. I can’t recommend the whole UCLA Health group or getting your colonoscopy highly enough. You’d have to be crazy not to start getting tested at 50 like they recommend.”

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