Michael S.

Yesterday, Friday 2/21/2020, was the 6th surgery I've had in my life and Dr. Mike Sliff was by far the best anesthesiologist I've ever had in terms of bedside manner (although, I'm sure they were all great in terms of actual medicine since I woke up and am very much alive). All my procedures have been minor outpatient ones and because I meet with my surgeons at least a couple of times before the actual surgery, I never really feel nervous about that part. Anesthesia is usually what makes me nervous and because you don't meet the anesthesiologist until the day of, there's usually not much of a chance to feel as comfortable as you'd like before signing the paperwork.

However, I felt that Dr. Sliff took extra attention to discuss my previous history with anesthesia and described all the options to help avoid nausea and vomiting. He was next to the bed at eye level to explain it all and took extra time to go over all the different medicines he might give me. He seemed confident, although not arrogant, which is definitely a quality you want in your anesthesiologist. My friend who was with me yesterday morning texted me after my surgery to check on me and also commented on his exceptional bedside manner.

By: Shirley Y.

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