Nathan S.

I recommend Dr. Nathan Samras, an internist, without reservation. Dr. Samras has performed my last two annual physical examinations and each time has exceeded expectations. Not only are his breadth of knowledge and wellness insights second to none, he is down-to-earth, incredibly sharp and has impeccable bedside manners.

Dr. Samras is extremely responsive. He communicates test results lightning fast. He is always ready to help despite his hectic schedule. In addition, he researches issues and promptly communicates findings. Under Dr. Samras' care, I am confident my health is in great hands. Each time, when the exam was over, I walked away knowing Dr. Samras really cared about my health and would leave no stone unturned to keep me healthy.

Dr. Samras is a remarkable physician. During the exams, he was incredibly generous with his time and compassionately provided me with excellent insights on how to better my health. Throughout our interactions, he is always 100% present and laser-focused on my health. I planted a seed that he should be the next US Surgeon General.

Significantly, Dr. Samras is very multi-faceted, has a big heart and has diverse interests. In addition to being a family man with three young children, I was impressed to learn he is an avid cyclist, a jazz pianist and also is active with nonprofits, including one he helped found whose mission is to improve healthcare in Nicaragua.

If you are looking for a great internist, look no further.

By: Ruben V.

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