Mariska "W" pleasantly and professionally answered my phone call following what I'm sure was a tumultuous day of work, at 3:15PM after a holiday. I attempted to get the call through since 11AM.
Mariska W patiently 'listened' to my question, then responded in a caring, attentive, professional manner. She asked if i was OK to place me on HOLD to get the information I requested, and when she returned, she provided the answers I she was able to (that messages were sent to my physician;s office; and 2 colleagues would return my call with the information I needed (did i need to fast before blood draw scheduled for tomorrow & when would the orders be entered into my chart)
Unfortunately the colleagues who were supposed to follow up have not; however, my goal with this communique is to acknowledge Mariska "W".for a 'job very well done attempting to fill in cracks left by my physician for something she directed me to do,
Please write and give Mariska W a commendation for going beyond the call of duty at 3:30PM.
Many thanks!


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