Lillian C.

I am writing about, what I consider to be, an amazing Dr. as well as a special person. Dr. Lillian Chen is an exceptional physician and human being. I have worked in the medical profession for over 35 years, primarily in general practice, as a back office nurse. I have problems taking care of my own personal medical needs, due to not wanting to go to the dr. and taking care of myself. Not a good thing to admit from someone who worked in the field. Since I started going to Dr. Lillian Chen, I feel as if I will start going for my regular check ups, and care more about my type 2 diabetes. She is, by far the best of the best. I find her to be so genuine and caring, in a way I'm not used to experiencing from Dr.'s in general. She was very definite about her concern for my lack of taking care of myself, and made a comment that really stuck with me. She said "I'm going to keep you around" which in the context of that statement, meant that she really expects to keep me in check regarding my keeping appointments with her, and doing the things she requires of me for my care. She is a very sweet person, and yet very much to the point, with how she expects my part in my care with her. I am so grateful that I found her, and will do my best to start taking care of myself by being a better patient, and finally keeping appointments. Thank you Dr. Chen, for being a very special person, and a wonderful caring Dr. I will try not to be so lax with my health issues, and be more responsible in my following up.

By: Susan W.

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