Jeremy D.

I had my annual skin check-up exam with dermatologist Dr. Davis. Though my skin type is not typically prone to skin cancer, I rather be safe than sorry, especially since early detection is key.

Dr. Davis is very pleasant, incredibly knowledgeable and has a knack for breaking down difficult concepts so they are easily understood. He left no stone unturned. He provided a wealth of information while exhibiting excellent bedside manner. Even though the office was quite busy, he was very cordial and professional, taking the time to explain the ins and outs of maintaining healthy skin.

With respect to parking, there was plenty of 2-hour street parking on Clifton Way, the street parallel to and just south of Wilshire Boulevard. In less than five minutes walking, I reached the medical building. (The building has an underground lot, entrance on Carson (on 12/16/20, the rates were $1.50 every 15 minutes with a $20 maximum).

I walked away from the appointment infinitely better versed about all matters skin and very grateful to have been under the care of Dr. Davis. In addition, I learned a little Italian as well.

I recommend Dr. Davis without exception or reservation.

P.S. SUGGESTION FOR UCLA HEALTH (nothing to do with Dr. Davis): My only suggestion is the exam room should have a dedicated space to leave one's clothing since one has to undress to put on the exam gown. A small closet/wardrobe with hangers would be a fine addition. (The two chairs next to the small desk were not good options since they were for the patient and doctor to sit on.)

By: Ruben V.

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